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During the expansion of the motorways around Glosrtup in the port-war period Glostrup became a central note in the new transport geography of the larger Copenhagen area.

Motorola's Danish Headquarters in central Glostrup Glostrup main road with the iconic water tower Glostrup is a Danish town in Region Hovedstadenforming one gloxtrup the western suburbs of Copenhagen. The village is first mentioned between and as Glostorp, but Glostrup church is from aroundindicating that a well-established community was already found at the site at this point. The largest project of the association was the building of 1, housing units in relation to the building of Glostrup Hospital. They were built between andultimately defining Glostrup as a suburb rather than a village.

Glostrup film Dating alarm

Glostrup changed character and the population grew significantly during the last decades of the century. Lever Brothers opened a soap factory in Along with the surrounding municipalities, it forms the center of Copenhagen's productive industry. The railroad station While the railroad originally had a halt in Glostrup, a station was built in to serve the local economy. Inwhen the new Roskilde Road was constructed between Copenhagen and Roskilde was constructed, it became the main road of the area. Glostrup Hospital was inaugurated in and employs 3, people.

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It was designed by Heinrich Wenck. The growing population combined with the already miserable living conditions in the central city glosttrup to a series of national plans to expand the number of housing units. Glostrup Municipality has a total of 21, jobs in the private and public sectors combined. Transport Transport in Glostrup has historically been dominated by the railroad station opened on the first Danish railroad in between Copenhagen and Roskilde.

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