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Studies have reported that alexithymia occurs quiet frequently in psychiatric disorders. Therefore, objective assessment of academic achievement may help to determine the association between PIU and academic achievement more specifically. There are many studies in the literature reporting that the prevalence of PIU is higher among males than females [ 82324 ]. In previous studies, it was revealed that there was association between problematic internet use and depression and suicidal behavior and those suicidal ideas occur at a higher rate among those who have PIU [ 33 ]. Thus, the findings indicate relationships between PIU, suicide probability, alexithymia and loneliness without specifying one as being the cause or effect of the other.

Therefore, further research should be conducted into predictor variables of problematic internet use.

Sikis Afyon

In two respective studies carried out in Korea and Taiwan with university students a strong correlation was found between PIU and high consumption of alcohol and cigarettes [ 2728 ]. There are several studies examining the relation between PIU and alexithymia. There are many studies in the literature reporting that lonely individuals use internet more frequently than those who are not lonely and that they utilize it more to get emotional support [ 30 ]. At present, adolescents and young adults access internet most frequently for social networking sites such as facebook, msn, twitter, music and video sites such as youtube and dailymotion, game sites and news sites [ 25 ].

The determination of factors prompting adolescents in the direction of problematic internet use is important in terms of precautionary measures and interventions to be taken. It is thought that, as internet has become a ubiquitous device that everyone can have access to easily, life style and personality characteristics are important parameters for the development of PIU.

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