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That is by supporting Justin Trudeau, and pushing her way around by talking in derogatory fashion about the Conservatives and at times the NDP. What Kathleen Wynne is doing could be catastrophic for Ontario if Trudeau does not win. It takes more than curly hair, having pictures taken with babies and being a drama teacher to become the leader of a country. Wynne has done very little for Ontario that is positive. If I could list all of the negatives here, there would not be enough room in this column even if I had a full page with which to work. Wynne should keep her nose out of the federal election and pay attention to what is far more pressing for Ontarians.

As you may have noticed, the free money continues to flow from the empty Ontario coffers, to appease friends and gain votes. Throwing money at any and all problems does not work. We continue to be a have-not province, due to poor decisions made over that last 10 years, which is truly embarrassing. The ridiculous, carefree spending by the Liberals and the waste of our tax dollars is very disturbing, but poor decisions continue to be made day after day.

From my point of view, we truly have too many socialist parties in Ontario — the Liberals and the NDP — although Wlnalancet think the Liberals take the top prize. Socialist governments do not work; look at Greece and other countries with similar governments. Further to Frew, we have, I believe, at the federal level, two socialist parties: Should Trudeau, by luck, be elected, the spending spree that we cannot afford will begin in earnest. You can be sure this will happen because Trudeau has already said that he wonders what financial shape the Conservatives are currently in and worse, he has said that he plans to run a deficit for three years, before even attempting to balance the books.

How the books will magically be balanced in three years is not known. We all know that running our finances by using a credit card is not the way to go. Budgets do not balance themselves — look what happened in Ontario when Bob Rae had that atti- tude. Eventually we have to pay the piper. We, the voters, need to avoid listening to polls, to empty promises we can ill afford and instead, use our common sense to avoid expecting a government of the future to pay for our excessive spending as in the end. We are the government and we have to pay for our wish lists and expectations.

We all need to contribute to what we have and refrain from thinking that we are entitled to anything we did not work to achieve. If our wish list is too long the result will be more tax hikes, continued added taxes and premiums for services. We cannot afford any more political gouging. This week, jeers to Kathleen Wynne for placing Ontarians in a very precarious position if the party she supports loses. She really needs to pay attention to Ontarians and respect our tax dollars. That is what we expect, and need our elected premier to do. Pierre Cliche, plcliche sympatico. Is there going to be an all candidates meeting to discuss the issues this year?

Witnesses at the critic or call Fir at Sind Cliche, plcliche sympatico.

Will the Conservative candidate show up? We have had nine years of Conservative policies and several things can be Ftee. First, transparency is out the window. Is the new MP going to do anything wonalanet Napanee, or is he just plastering those signs everywhere in the hope that people will think there is no other party to vote for? I hope people look wonalzncet sign up and vote this election as it is important. Is this the Wonalanxet we want, or do we want to welcome those who will make Canada better by just being part wonalwncet the community? I hope that Napanee steps up and looks to invite these people into our community.

Vote this year, it does matter. Entry at side door with a ramp. Meeting at 1 p. Call or info healthpursuitsgroup. Ages are Sparks, ; Brownies and Girl Guides Great opportunity to have a fun time with your daughter or granddaughter, and to know where she is and what she is doing. For more information, call JoAnne Wright at wonalancft All ages are welcome to attend for a chance to find out what the club is about. Please park along the trees in the back lot. Entertainment by Fred Brown and Friends. Seating is limited — all those wishing to attend must reserve their seat in advance by calling the SOS office,ext. Wheelchair accessible, and transportation provided upon request for a small fee.

Lorraine Martin will talk about her trip to Newfoundland. So all are welcome to come and be armchair travellers. Roll call is bring a doll or stuffed animal and share its history, and 25 cents for each doll or stuffed animal you own. Tickets at the door or call Betty at Both Mayor Lorne Smart and committee chairperson W. Douglas suggested that council should give the idea some thought. Some councillors suggested that the traffic problems simply required better police enforcement and management during the heaviest periods. The board was advised that, in one instance, the bus had a total of 78 students on it.

The maximum capacity for the bus, however, was only On some of the heavier routes, it was not uncommon for students to have to stand in the aisle of the bus. Another outgoing trustee was Ezra Ball, the representative for the northernmost end of the county. Early reports suggested the crewmember died when he surfaced too quickly, causing an air bubble to form in his bloodstream. A delightful meal of baked chicken in mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, vegetables and desserts. Entertainment by Corduroy Road. Seats are limited and must be reserved in advance no later than Sept.

Transportation provided upon request for a small fee. Typical of those plodding daytime serials, listeners were left hanging at crucial moments in the plot. Most exasperating were the Friday cliffhangers like: With only three of the current member executive committing to return to the board for the upcoming term, it was not clear that the group would be able to function effectively. Homes displaying a Block Parent sign would act as a refuge for children who were lost, were being bullied or were under threat of violence. In the past year, 14 children made use of the Block Parent program.

About households in town displayed a Block Parent sign. Further negotiations were planned later on in the month. Mary Magdalene Church, Come with your friends. Proceeds will support Dawn House, a shelter for homeless women and their children in Kingston. For more information and to register, go to www. Ruth Ann Paul Phone: We hope that you will be able to support Tag Day on at one of the many locations you happen to be in the area. Ivan and Anne Langdon Sunday Worship - James Gordon or 9: Mark Chochrek, Pastor Phone: Lunch will be served.

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Acsual and couples welcome. For information call or Come out and have some fun. Dancing from 8 p. West ny Napanee, Dinner is served between 4: Come and have an enjoyable, relaxing evening with family and friends and support a worthwhile cause. Funds donated will be used to support the outreach programmes for the vulnerable in our community. Call Barb at or Brendan at Reserve with Shirley at or e-mail judycobham sympatico. Come and Worship with us. Visit us online at: Tom Breeden Come join us in Worship Sun. Christine Sloan Charge Office: A delightful meal of baked chicken in mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, vegetables and desserts.

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