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In he launched Toytown Munich. Two years ago, with a view to serving English-speakers throughout Germany, Toytown Munich merged with a similar forum, britboard. The community is funded mostly by advertising - relocation agencies and doctors provide particularly good custom. Also known as "TT", the site offers information on all aspects of living and working in Germany, from restaurants to finding someone to file your tax returns. The heart of the site is the chat forum. British-born James, who moderates full time, says how around 1, of the site's 30, regulars gather here daily to share news, place advertisements and organise social events, among them Americans, British, Canadians, Irish, Australians, South Africans and New Zealanders.

It's not unusual for topics posted in a city-specific section to attract several hundred responses and twice as many viewings.

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This happened to me recently when I asked for feedback on my expat teachers' and translators' site Know Howe for English. Likewise, a Weekly Telegraph article I wrote on recycling in Germany was widely commented on in the Bavarian chat forum and I could field members' queries. Chat posted nationwide regularly pulls in thousand-fold responses. While enquiries in the regional forum are generally of an organisational nature, such as "Where can I find a babysitter? These include special-interest groups for translators, art lovers and bookworms. But what if you're looking for a special-interest group not yet on offer? Members are welcome to start one up.

Germany online dating Toytown

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