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Dating craftsman hand tools

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Buy sell great deals on millers falls. Buy your tools today! This is a combination wrenches. The forged-in "P" code on the underside of the handles represents the P-Circle manufacturer's code for Wilde. By the Craftsman tool catalogs had illustrations of these tongue-and-groove pliers with the rope-banded gripping pattern. The underside of the handles is also marked with a forged-in "P" code see left insetrepresenting the P-Circle manufacturer's code for Wilde. The rope-banded gripping pattern the long-standing "house pattern" for Wilde was used for Arc-Joint pliers after The lack of a model number marking suggests production before or so.

The lower inset shows the forged-in "P" code on the underside of the handles, representing the P-Circle manufacturer's code for Wilde. Danielson Company produced pliers for the Fulton, Merit, and Dunlap brands during the s, and later produced at least some models for the Craftsman brand.

The later production by Danielson was marked with an Craftsman tools dating manufacturer's code. Additional information can be found in our tols on the J. The handle also has a forged-in code "C35" faintly visible on the shoulder. The Craftsmzn of the pliers have a drilled recess and milled grooves to hold the ends of a hose-clamp spring see middle insetadding another useful feature to these otherwise conventional combination pliers. The handles of these pliers have a double-chevron gripping pattern, similar to the older Herringbone pattern used by Danielson for a number of years.

An example of this pattern on Proto production can be seen as the Proto Combination Pliers. The forged-in "C35" is a Danielson date code probably indicates production inalthough a later decade may be possible. Adjustable Wrenches In the post-war years Craftsman adjustable wrenches were supplied by J. Williams and by other makers not yet identified. Craftsman "Y-Circle" 8 Inch Adjustable Wrench The next figure shows an example of a series of adjustable wrenches offered during the s, notable for the distinctive placement of the hanging hole in the interior of the shank, rather than at the extreme end.

Dating Craftsman tools

The head thickness was Craftmsan at 0. The finish Craftskan plain steel with traces of plating, possibly zinc or cadmium. Note that Dxting hanging hole is located in the interior of the depressed panel, rather than at the extreme end. Datingg "Y-Circle" 12 Inch Adjustable Wrench The next figure shows an example of a series of adjustable wrenches offered during the Craftsman tools dating, notable for the distinctive placement of the hanging hole in the interior of the shank, rather than at the extreme end. The datong has a bright plated finish that resembles zinc, and the daying is soft enough to leave a Craftsmxn on paper.

The upper inset shows a close-up of the Y-Circle logo forged into the shank. We hope to be able to identify the manufacturer Craftsmn the Y-Circle code in the near future. One construction detail noted is that the screw pin is threaded on the outside slotted end, the type of pin generally used by Danielson and Utica. In contrast, Crescent and Diamond used a screw pin threaded on the inside end. Craftsman 8 Inch Locking Adjustable Wrench The next several figures show examples of Williams adjustable wrenches produced for the Craftsman brand. The finish is chrome plating, with minor losses due to rust and wear. The middle inset shows a close-up of the AZ-Circle logo forged into the shank.

The upper inset shows a side view of the wrench, illustrating the square shoulder used for the sliding jaw and keyway. The square shoulder is a feature patented by J. Williams in the s see patent 2, and is not known to have been used by any other manufacturers. The patent notice refers to patent 2,filed by W. Johnson in and issued in This patent describes a locking mechanism for adjustable wrenches, actuated by pushing a locking pin visible in the photograph through the thumb knurl. Coded "M" on the tool. Ullman Devices of Ridgefield, CT makes many of the magnetic pick up tools, picks and inspection mirrors for Sears. Some tools have codes on them that correspond to the manufacturer that produced the product for Sears see Alloy Artifacts website reference below.

For example, on hand tools, codes on them will indicate who made them for Sears. For example, Western Forge sourced tools will have a "WF" stamped on the tool. Pliers have been sourced by a few vendors including the aforementioned Western Forge "WF" tools and Wilde Industries which have a "P" on the tool.

Many major Sears Craftsman items also have a vendor prefix, which is typically the first three digits before the Cratfsman or dash in the datlng number. These first three digits correspond to the vendor code, or the actual manufacturer contracted to make the product for Sears. Hand Tools Craftsman fating always been popular for their tool sets. Noticeably absent from the 64 sets are metric tools. Differences aside, I feel todays piece set is fairly comparable. Again, the difference is eye opening. Now you know why your grandpa had all those hand saws hanging in his shop. Once upon a blue background.

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