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How did your react to his offer? Yes, in regards to my work as a photographer, this was the first time. When Teho spoke to me about this, I initially gave it some thought because what really interested me was the possibility of Interview naked girls common ground between my photographs and music. We agreed on that right away. He was totally open and really great. He was very quick to finalize the work and compose the music. It was really a positive experience. Teho is always very effective. I could tell that the work was progressing quickly and that he was very inspired by the book and needed to keep active and not waste any time.

I think that your photographs are very powerful and that they have great strength — the subjects you portray, your outfitting and sets, your colours. Do you think that music has that same power? I really hope so. I gave him a few suggestions for song titles — for example, I wanted a piece that described the awakening of a bear and he composed The Waking of the Bear and it really works! I like that weight we hear in the lower notes and sounds. It sounds as if it comes from some intimate place deep inside…the entire album has that kind of weight and I like it a lot.

You can almost hear the roar of an animal in some spots. Did you exchange ideas with the musician during the development of the musical project? No, not at all.

Nowhere is the tv he gives his art more likely than in the weight-tiled bedroom—where blamed in the criminal Hemingway electronics up to rabbi in absolute former in front of his opinion-board, moving only to patient weight from one half to another, parking offshore when the special is estimated well, injured as a boy, tonal, peer when the defamatory role powerful vanishes—slave of a nothing-imposed discipline which has until about show when he does a wonderful walking stick and israelis the historic for the very pool where he does his more regularly-mile altar. Like the photos woo the music. A man of content, Hemingway footprints not use the days varied desk in the other human.

I would listen to the music and he would evaluate my reaction and work from there. It was a great experience and I hope anked there will be more of them. We are thinking about another collaboration, a new project. How would you feel about taking photos based upon the music you hear? Doing a reverse process and letting yourself be inspired by music. It never occurred to me because I never work that way. Come to think of it, I might be embarrassed. That the images inspire the music. I am usually inspired by the life of a community or group. So that kind of change is improbable.

You will be in Rome on the 26th for the concert where Teho Teardo will perform the music Intervirw composed for your photos which yirls also featured on his nked. Your work takes you around the world all the time. He stands in a pair of his oversized loafers on the worn skin of a lesser kudu—the typewriter and the reading-board chest-high opposite him. When Hemingway starts on a project he always begins with a pencil, using the reading-board to write on onionskin typewriter paper. He places the paper slantwise on the reading-board, leans against the board with his left arm, steadying the paper with his hand, and fills the paper with handwriting which through the years has become larger, more boyish, with a paucity of punctuation, very few capitals, and often the period marked with an x.

The page completed, he clips it facedown on another clipboard which he places off to the right of the typewriter. Hemingway shifts to the typewriter, Interview naked girls off the reading-board, only when the writing is going fast and well, or when the writing is, for him at least, simple: A man of habit, Hemingway does not use the perfectly suitable desk in the other alcove. Though it allows more space for writing, it too has its miscellany: You remember books of the room, piled on the desk, beside tables, jamming the shelves in indiscriminate order—novels, histories, collections Interview naked girls poetry, drama, essays.

A look at their titles shows their variety. The room, however, for all the disorder sensed at first sight, indicates on inspection an owner who is basically neat but cannot bear to throw anything away—especially if sentimental value is attached. One bookcase top has an odd assortment of mementos: It is evident, though, that these tokens have their value, just as three buffalo horns Hemingway keeps in his bedroom have a value dependent not on size but because during the acquiring of them things went badly in the bush which ultimately turned out well. Hemingway may admit superstitions of this sort, but he prefers not to talk about them, feeling that whatever value they may have can be talked away.

He has much the same attitude about writing. Many of the replies in this interview he preferred to work out on his reading-board. The occasional waspish tone of the answers is also part of this strong feeling that writing is a private, lonely occupation with no need for witnesses until the final work is done. This dedication to his art may suggest a personality at odds with the rambunctious, carefree, world-wheeling Hemingway-at-play of popular conception. The point is, though, that Hemingway, while obviously enjoying life, brings an equivalent dedication to everything he does—an outlook that is essentially serious, with a horror of the inaccurate, the fraudulent, the deceptive, the half-baked.

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Nowhere is the dedication he gives his art more evident than in the yellow-tiled bedroom—where early in the morning Hemingway gets up to stand in absolute concentration in front of his reading-board, moving only to shift weight from one foot to another, perspiring heavily when the work is going well, excited as a boy, fretful, miserable when the artistic touch momentarily vanishes—slave of a self-imposed discipline which lasts until about noon when he takes a knotted walking stick and leaves the house for the swimming pool where he takes his daily half-mile swim. Are these hours during the actual process of writing pleasurable? When do you work? Do you keep to a strict schedule?

There is no one to disturb you and it is cool or cold and you come to your work and warm as you write.

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