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And oxide is always healthy to our family. I do believe children. Lustily did they make that their union would have shades of blue heeler!.

I knew that it was inevitable, that it was just gonna happen. And I was ready for it, you know I, for goodness sakes, twenty years, it was time. She and I became immediate best friends as soon as I got to Berea we are very similar personalities. Very over the top, fabulous, ferocious, you know, larger than life monsters. But anyways theres a specific character in that storyline and in that show, his name is Eric Northman. Lord have mercy jesus, Eric is just beautiful, just beautiful, I loved him in the books, I love him in the show, I love the man they got to play him on the show, I mean he is a very attractive character.

Cause that would never happened at home. They will talk about you behind your back, and wonder if you are, but they would never say it to your face, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. Ethan So, she just asked me that and I was completely blown away. I was like oh my god, how am I supposed to respond? So I knew that I needed to come out to Mommy and Daddy, and I knew I would that I would figure out when the right time would be, it would just happen, it would naturally happen. Well, Martin Luther King, Jr. Now, she had done this many times the first semester. Lindsay came frequently to see me. We were very close. Her and her husband got married the July after we graduated, and he immediately went into the army.

So she was home alone, and so she would come and visit me for the weekend or for a night, or whatever, and we had the best time. Well, it just so happened that I had started dating someone. He and I had started talking before Christmas and kind of gotten together after we got back in January. And by the time that Martin Luther King Jr. As we were sitting across from one another. And we were right in the middle of this big joke when I texted her, and sent it to her. This is interesting, cause I have always been the exact same person. I have never changed. I have been this loud since I popped out. Like, I have never changed. I have always been the same, very larger than life figure.

So like, I was, she had no idea. She had no idea, she was shocked, this girl has known me since preschool.

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She had no idea, no idea whatsoever. Not to my family, but to my friend group. Cause I know how they work cause I can work that system too! But anyways, So, March comes along, and long story short, I ended up just writing my parents a letter, and telling them and leaving it for em after spring break. And, um, just wrote em a letter, and I left it for mom, somewhere that she would find it, cause I wanted her to know first. And Daddy answered, and we were blah blah blah blah, we were talk talk talk talk talk. Dad is like, easy going, he was kind of a hippie in college, like easy going, fabulous.

You know, we have, people have questions. So, they ended up not coming, because it snowed. So we did a skype session, and so, I went to the library and went to a private room and we had a skype session. And I know Valerie Hope Hamblin better than any other human being in the world, I knew what her two concerns would be. I knew through and through. That was her first concern. I knew dtaing would have that concern, and casuxl other concern is that she thought that I was living some other separate life, and was being secretive. There was nothing had changed. I was still overactive. But you ku I just, and then her main concern, which I know that she never really vocalized, but this is her main concern, is that in some way this was going to bring a barrier between me and her.

And it would not have mattered if I was gay or not, if I was to bring caaual girl home, if I would have ever brought a cwsual home…strugglesome! She had two miscarriages before me too, which makes it even more intense, our relationship. That casuzl the struggle, not the whole gay thing. And she just, she wants to know but we are not to a point where we can talk about it yet. I think that if I really needed her, if it was a situation where I just really like needed her advice, she could handle it and she would do it, um, but whoever ever ends up with me is gonna, the Valerie, will be the barrier. Prepare ye the way. A lot of my friends have come to Berea and partied with us, you know, and are, very much part of my life.

A lot of people I think know at home. Yes, yes, compared to an urban place? But anyways so, yes I think it would have been compared to an urban area, but I think that country queers can handle thing a lot better than urban queers can. The club music is starting! Ok, so anyway, the biggest, what we have to face? The gays will show up when we get to wave the rainbow flag, but are we actually doing things in an activist way, or are we just showing up to, you know, like walk around half naked? Both are important, but I think that we really need to be kind of pushing this activism, as the gay community a little bit more, so we can get stuff passed.

And then learn about other people! So I think really that is a big problem within the gay community. Um, they play into each other very well. I also, um, I think we see the world in a very different way, like I think we can appreciate…you know, the gay community at large has this really weird interesting, obsession with like…country music queens, like Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton, and Tammy Wynette. Cause they speak to us, the gays in general, but I think, see, the country queers can appreciate it a little bit more, because those are our girls. Them girls was raised where we was raised, so we have this, we have a little more in, you know? So I also think that we also see…we are also able to survive.

And adapt very easily, and so when, if we do have to leave or if we do have to move, or if there is something a hard circumstance that comes up. This would be the best little quilt that there ever was!

And the sexual fantasies are available to do that, because we offer up being very electric and good idea tellers, especially funny naked, and then we are uncomfortable to use that in our storytelling. Critical else is there?.

So like, you know? We have to be able to find that community somewhere. When am Kyy most happy? When I am with people that I love, period. Anywhere that I am with people that I love. And then also the gays. Cause the gays are fun! I just needed to know! Cause we get it. And so like, living is so much more fun as a country queer, so much more fun. And so yeah, you just losg things in a lot better way. Nobody else would notice that crap! Like who else appreciates that as much as we do? They have a real backwards way of doing stuff. And good jokesters and good storytellers. The Down Home Diva: They identify with that very inversely, very global. And the country queers are able to do that, because we grow up being very humorous and good story tellers, especially funny stories, and then we are able to use that in our storytelling.

I have interest to move to a city, not a big city, I do not like big cities at all. I have to have very quick access to the country. I like other smaller cities, like Minneapolis and St. I will say that the social network is very appealing there. But I do say, that the loss of companionship is very difficult for me. Yeah, I would love to be in a committed relationship though.

Like I have a lot more things that I want to do in this lifetime! As the story goes, Martin Fugate, a French orphan, settled on the banks of eastern Kentucky's Troublesome Creek around to claim a land grant. He married a red-haired American named Elizabeth Smith with a very pale complexion. Little did they know that their union would create shades of blue people! Generations later, a descendant of Martin Fugate, Benjy Stacy, would be born "blue". Days of testing provided no answers; but then Benjy's grandmother told the doctor a story about the "blue" Fugates.

Incredibly, Benjy had inherited a gene dating back over years! Thankfully, Benjy lost his blue shade after a few weeks and the only lingering effects were blue fingernails and lips when he was cold or angry. In the early 's, this blue malady caught the attention of Madison Cawein, an inquisitive hematologist from the University of Kentucky. Curiosity drove him to Hazard where he was introduced to a nurse, Ruth Pendergrass, who had met a "dark blue" woman. She was one of the "blue" Combses who lived up on Ball Creek and was a sister to one of the Fugate women; her brother, Luke, was also blue. The search for blue people ensued.

Patrick and Rachel Ritchie, who lived in Hardburly, were also blue. Cawein eventually found a small population of people in the back woods of Appalachia, many with a blue skin disorder. The afflicted were embarrassed about their condition and adamant about talking to Cawein. Eventually, Cawein gained their trust and began taking blood samples. Tests for abnormal hemoglobin were negative. Then he began to construct the family genealogy and traced their roots back to Martin and Elizabeth Fugate. Cawein was determined to find a cause and possibly a solution to help this small group of isolated Appalachian people.

In his research, he found a article by E. Scott that was reported in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Scott's research had found hereditary methemoglobinemia among Alaskan Eskimos and Indians caused by an absence of the enzyme diaphorase from their red blood cells. The blood disorder is inherited as a simple recessive trait - meaning that to get the disorder, a person would have to inherit two genes, one from each parent. One could inherit the gene, not get the blood disorder, but pass the gene on to a child.

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