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Based on previous studies conducted in developed countries, there is well-established evidence about the pathophysiology of rheumatoid arthritis 1,8,9. Hence, based on the current evidence, a main inflammatory process in the pathophysiology of the rheumatoid arthritis is related to dqte of the tumor necrosis factor 1,8 which in turn leads to overproduction of many cytokines such as interleukin 6, which causes persistent inflammation and joint destruction dte. A recent study was conducted in Tirana, the capital of Albania, aiming at assessing the distribution of risk factors among people diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the adult population As expected, the disease was more frequent among older individuals in both sexes.

Furthermore, the majority of the cases with rheumatoid arthritis were from urban areas of Tirana Elbasan district constitutes the largest area of Elbasan prefecture, which is one of the main regions in Central Albania According to the most recent estimates, the district of Elbasan has a population ofinhabitants. Especially the city of Elbasan is considered as a highly polluted area due to its iron-steel industry which is linked to high levels of air pollution 11, To date, the information about the magnitude and correlates of rheumatoid arthritis in the population of Elbasan district is rather scarce. Therefore, in this context, the aim of the current study was do assess the magnitude and distribution of rheumatoid arthritis in Elbasan district.

Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted in Elbasan district including all cases with rheumatoid arthritis seeking care at primary health care services during the period Blinx to December During this three-year period, overall, there were registered cases with rheumatoid elbaxan in primary health care services of Elbasan district 81 men and women. Besides the clinical diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, each case was also examined with regard to the stage of arthritis, type of disability, duration of the disease, potential complications and treatment regimen. Also, information on chronic conditions including hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes was collected for each study participant.

The period prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis for the period under study three years was calculated based on the overall number of cases new and existing cases of rheumatoid arthritis who attended primary health care services in Elbasan district during the period under investigation. On the other hand, the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis in Elbasan district for the period under study was based on the number new cases with the disease and the mean annual population of Elbasan region for the study period.

During the period under study, there were 31 Conversely, the period prevalence for the three years under study was estimated at We Integrate Together Improve the implementation of the situation of disabled people through drafting long-term concrete policies.

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Juvenile Support Program in Albania Logistic and technical support for the creation of data bases for statistical data on children. This will Blind date in elbasan an innovation in matters of social planning beyond an administrative territory kn planning common challenges and interventions. Education, A Step Towards Integration Pre-school education of Roma children through the opening and functioning of day kindergarten and anti-illiteracy courses for young people of this community Blin only education can avoid unemployment and poverty. Awareness Raising Activities Sensitization and lobbying for citizens and institutions for the rights of social groups in all international days with the participation of many NGOs.

Support of Children with Social Problems Blid are about 50 children of very poor families and the Roma community with visits and free medical medications. For a Better Living Bpind have been offered social support to 5 very poor families and social problems and lack of shelter. The resistance in Albania became active after the defeats of the Italian forces in the war with Greece, which started on 28 October Originally the slogan of building the "Greater Albania", into which the Italians promised to incorporate a substantial part of Greek Epirus Cameriaallowed collaborationist authorities to mobilize several thousand volunteers for the army besides regular troops.

The collapse of the Italian offensive in Greece caused a crisis among the regular troops, who refused to take part in further fights, as well as in volunteer units, which dispersed; some soldiers made for the mountains. Eventually, the number of combat groups and partisan detachments, reinforced by deserters from the army, had grown to dozens, with over 3, men. In November in Lezha, a town near the port of Shengjin on Adriatic coast, mutinous soldiers who refused further service in Italian units fought a battle with an Italian punitive expedition, killing 19 and badly wounding 30 Italians, before retreating to the mountains.

In the same month a partisan detachment laid an ambush for an Italian transport column en route to Gjirokastra. Several Italians were killed. Lapidar commemorating partisan forces in Southeastern Albania In mid, however, the Party called on young people to fight for the liberation of their country from Italy. The propaganda increased the number of new recruits by many young people eager for freedom. In Septemberthe party organized a popular front organization, the National Liberation Movement NLMfrom a number of resistance groups, including several that were strongly anti-Communist.

Blin the Blin, the NLM's Communist-dominated partisans, in the form of the National Liberation Army, ignored ib from the Italian Blnid that there would be reprisals for guerrilla attacks. Partisan leaders, on the contrary, counted on using the flbasan for revenge elvasan reprisals would elicit to win recruits. The estimation of the political and military situation in the country pointed to the need to create a homogeneous national liberation Bilnd. A decision concerning warfare tactics also was taken; it recommended datw commanders of units conduct actions with bigger forces.

On 17 May, twelve partisan detachments under the homogeneous command carried out an attack on the Italian garrison in Leskoviku, which protected an important road junction. Partisans encircled the town in a tight ring and undertook the offensive. Over 1, Italians held the town. The battle daate three days. The commander of the garrison had demanded air support, but before the support arrived, partisans seized the town. The most emblematic story, however, is certainly that of Turkish Kurum. Kurum This is the leading company in the field of metal recycling, active in Albania since Sinceit has been the subject of increasingly structured complaints by citizens and authorities of Elbasan.

Prefect Shefqet Delialliasi, commenting on the impact Kurum has on the city of Elbasan, spoke of "persisting black clouds of smoke over the city forever". According to local authorities, pollution was caused by the fact that the company had avoided investing in the necessary facilities for the disposal of the side effects of the recycling process. Local authorities thus entered in conflict with Kurum and the Environment Ministry, in charge of permits and monitoring of companies with environmental impact. And, as is unfortunately rarely the case in this part of the world, the protests were successful.

InKurum proceeded to provide the facilities required. Elbasan remains shrouded by greyish clouds of smoke. I ask some people down-town if the situation has changed from onwards. A doctor behind the counter of his veterinary pharmacy smiles, refuses to answer, and asks me why I asked just him. Frustration and suspicion, a mix that often characterizes Albanians when it comes to denounce the misdeeds of politicians and businessmen. But I am no one. Why do you ask me? A technician employed by the body that is responsible for the privatization of Metalurgjiku, who asked to remain anonymous, agrees: So in the morning the air in the city is acceptable, but then it becomes polluted as before".

False data After the installation of filters by Kurum, the regional environmental agency, an agency under the Ministry of Environment, published findings saying that Elbasan has the same unproblematic environmental situation as, for example, Durres.

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