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Backpage Seized by the Feds (and shut down)

Street-based sex workers who want real are often considered to connect with catatonia services — Backpage, undated other websites that went before it such as MyRedBook. But admittedly, in some cities, more of the news knocking on their daughters are inspectors.

The Philadelphia Defenders Association had been planning to ask a Family Court judge during special hearings this week to move or transfer all of its juvenile clients from the program. Keir Bradford-Grey, the association's chief defender, said her office was concerned about the safety of the approximately 30 young people it represents at the facility, each of whom was sent there by a judge for treatment after an arrest or due to family issues such as neglect or abuse. The courts had called for the hearings prior to the state's action, to determine whether children should remain at Wordsworth, O'Rourke said. Lisa Campbell, assistant chief of the defender association's juvenile unit, said the association had made similar requests for mass transfers in the past.

Infor example, it requested that youths be removed from the Chad Youth Enhancement Center near Nashville after a Philadelphia youth, Omega Leach, was strangled there by a staff member.

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Albert, the Wordsworth spokeswoman, said the rest of Wordsworth's services - which include special education schools, individual and family therapy, and foster care - would continue to shutt. Plus, the owner may decide to close up shop when facing fines. It also requires workers to be fully clothed. Greenlee's draft bill could change after conversations with experts and other stakeholders, his office said. Key provisions in other cities have included a regulation against anyone living or sleeping on business premises, which can prevent workers from being held captive inside, and against internal locks, so that workers cannot be confined in rooms with clients and inspectors can open the door unannounced.

Other ordinances have aimed to keep the businesses from cropping up after being un down by prohibiting another massage business philadepphia opening in the same location or by barring an owner from opening another business. Those provisions aren't yet in Philadelphia's bill. Villanova's Rhodes said there also needs to be more awareness that paying for sex is a crime. And how are they finding the locations to go and buy sex? Are they using their desk phones and desk computers to search for it?

Pa shut downs Escort service in philadelphia

And in San Francisco, phhiladelphia department officials have used a mix of citations, penalties, permit suspensions and revocations, local zoning regulations, and discerning review of new permit applications to reduce the number of permitted massage establishments in the city syut to The approach Escot a far cry from the traditional police busts that result in prostitution arrests for the workers but do little to stop the owners from reopening a week later with a new name or new employees. Violations could shut down businesses and discourage new ones from opening.

Since January, 46 illicit massage businesses have been shut down across the country in part or completely because of code enforcement, according to Polaris, an advocacy group that runs the national human-trafficking hotline and that released the January report. About illicit massage businesses are in Pennsylvania and in New Jersey.

They operate in the city and neighboring counties, t he Inquirer and Daily News has reported. The businesses are most commonly staffed by female immigrants from Sgut countries who come here under false promises of visas, good pay, or a new life, according to Polaris. They are then forced into sex work by massage-business owners, who add on debt after debt to keep the women in servitude. Greenlee's bill would require every massage establishment to be licensed with the city in addition to the state, display certificates and prices publicly, keep detailed records of services, and not operate outside the hours of 7 a. Code enforcement can cause businesses to shut down through several paths: The owner's license is revoked, the number of violations add up and the operation can successfully be closed down as a nuisance, or the violations are used as evidence in a criminal case.

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