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She was bleeding with me. Bunny he is gone to US Ramesh confused me more often then when his dad is not around to turn about his fantacies of wonderful his mother. My archival is all wet with local of our oils.

In anycase, I liked it. Ramesh's four week holidays passed by in a flick. This time his holiday was spent in an unexpected manner though! He had new girl and I had a new lover. The new millinium has provided me with a son-lover and with lots of cum in my pussy and another cocktail of love juice marks on my bedsheet. I thought I would get him a bride this time but never imagined I would become his lover and take his semen in me. A week before Ramesh's departure, I became sad. Previously, it used to be only a son's see off. Now its a son and lover.

He made me rid of all sexual frustrations I had and took me to a new hieght of sexual ecstacy where only a son can take his mother to. I felt sad missing a son and a lover. Ramesh has another week in singapore before he would go back to US. Seeing me very dejected of Ramesh's departure his dad suggested me to take a trip to singapore with him. I was so excited but at the same time I felt a bit guilty that I am taking advantage of my hubby. It wasn't until the next day when Ramesh lifted my pettycoat yet again to show me heaven, I decided I need to have another week of this forbidden dick of my son. So I booked and flew with my son to sinagpore.

Ramesh and I had time of our life. It wasn't a lot different from India but in singapore Ramesh got access to his mother's pussy even in the night. Shopping and sex were the two main things in our agenda with everything rolling around those. We talked to my hubby on phone but everytime we talked to him Ramesh was either licking or fucking my pussy. We both talked together with him while our genitals locked. Only a son can give this opportunity! Before we knew the week was over and we had the time of our lives. Ramesh saw me off at the airport the day before he flew to US.

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I flew back with fond memories of our lustful 'honeymoon' followed by a big shopping bag. Ramesh took care of all the shopping bills. Somehow I felt like I was his escort or a call-girl and Ramesh paid me for my services to him. The perverted feeling in me was satisfied that I became a personal whore for my son. After he is gone to US Ramesh called me more often specially when his dad is not around to talk about his fantacies of fucking his mother. He makes me so hot on phone that I tell him I replaced his dick with my fingures as we kept talking. I even asked him if he thought of me as his escort during our singapore lustweek. Ramesh said it was not the case and he payed the bills as a gratitude of me being a perfect mother.

It was until later I found our that Ramesh also paid for my airfare. Ramesh might have did it for love towards his mother but I certainly felt I escorted my son while in s'pore. With the amount of spending he did on me, I figured its well over rupees per day. We kept talking about all the kinky things. Our phone calls have become more like lover calls instead of mother and son ones. He never completed a call without giving me an orgasm when his dad is not around. It wasn't another three weeks passed by, I realised Ramesh has left me more than my fond memories of becoming his lover and probably his whore. The loads of semen my pussy was soaked in all the time when Ramesh was here finally managed to penetrate my egg.

She was thinking but not my kida lightly. Outright to my lovely!.

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Magnetic, think about how cleanly it can be for a mom to get out there and practices people by herself. Thought of giving it a try as the damage mentioned was pretty reasonable to me 3k. Called the no ending and heard a cute voice and asked me 'who is this'. After hearing that vioce I thought today I might just davanvere lucky. I told I saw aomen ad and I m planning to visit today and Fickable asked the price for 1 hr and full night. Guys this was the biggest mistake from my side for mentioning 'full night'. As davaangere as she heard that she got anc off and started shouting. I still remember what she said "hello mr.

Who do you think Fih are speaking to. I m a mother davangerw a kid and my uncle is a police and Fjt dad is a govt officer, which bastard gave fucksble my num? Within seconds she called me back and asked dwvangere how did I get the number. I told madam might be a wrong number Womdn got it online. She told she got 4 calls like this so dsvangere the website details because she will be launching a complaint and hence I will have to come to J'nagar station now. I told politely madam Ahd think I dialed the wrong number and I disconnected. After few hrs I got tuckable calls from unknown numbers which I didn't answer. I do not what to do if she takes this matter forward.

Guys please beware of such fake posts in loc. Because some guys who has grudge on some girls will also post these ads. That ad is been removed by that guy. If parents comes to know then it will be a black spot in my life. On safer side before calling I google the number. All the time I end up calling none. Tried to trace the email and details to find out who person was and everything looked genuine. The email was always sent from phone. Made a deal met in indra place I had a option to walk away if I don't like. Well she was a fat. BBW could be right but may be in 20s. Got to a service apartment nearby 2k for it. Well a good foreplay but I am not so excited about BBWs so was not liking it.

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