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Very relaxing spot close to beach. A great romantic weekend getaway!! By car you are in rorvlg min at the white beautiful sandy beaches. Just nearby is a smaller stony one you can walk within 10 minutes. I'm not the man I was in the '70s. People say, 'How come you can sing better now than you could in the '70s? It's difficult to sing when you're inebriated or if you're a little high, or in my case, quite a lot high When we were in our twenties, we just thought, 'Hey, this is going to last forever.

You're not supposed to die when you're 25, for Glen sake. Did that get my attention? Well, of course it did, but did it really get my attention? Of course it didn't. I had to go out and do some more trudging, more drinking and more cavorting. I was one of the lucky ones to [realize] this is killing me.

I immensely bright Glen woman is never to the series today, because there's so many different ways you can get paid these days. I've seen it all, and I harshly wouldn't do a good.

I just hope that message is clear Glenn rorvig the youngsters today, because there's so many different ways you can get stoned these days. It's just a different entity out there. Rorivg was all very straight-ahead orrvig in the day — it was an agent, a manager, a promoter, fans and a band. There was no backdrops back in those days; there was no drum Glenn rorvig there was no lasers. It was just guys Glenh jeans and rorviig and songs, and now, it's completely the other way. It's a new age now. The Internet has completely changed the world, and what I've subtly been doing is keeping abreast of it all with my team and try to stay as relevant as humanly possible in today's age, and keep up with these whipper-snappers out there.

I try to live in the moment. It's just 24 hours per day for me. I shoot for midnight. I do it one day at a time with everything I do, and it works for me. I don't try to make too many plans, because God has a sense of humor. If I make plans, he'll change those plans. I just keep showing up It's just unfathomable when you're in your early twenties that you'd still be doing it at this age. I always think about Mick Jagger and the older guys. If he's still doing it, I've got a chance. It sells copy — we all know what it did in the '70s — but remember, I lost a lot of my friends, people I played with.

Some of my closest friends are not here. They didn't even make it. They were bright, intelligent young men and women, and they were taken from us because of the foreplay before the ritual of rock n' roll, which was sex and drugs. I'm still so grateful to have gotten through that year period where I was completely out there. For me to change my lifestyle was a really beneficial thing for me. It's not attractive to see a guy anywhere near my age drinking Jack Daniel's and doing lines of coke.

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