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I am in love with an addict: Why do I stay?

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Even now writing this I have teats streaming down my face because I feel like wihout a fool. I have to move on dfug even just the thought of anyone else makes me sick. We fight almost daily over his massive drug gir. He continues to lie to me and choose to continue to use dope regardless of my feelings. And the worst part is I am madly in love with him. Adsict idk what to do anymore Amanda Andruzzi 6: You love an addict and this cycle is par for the course, geh to speak. Gorl you are addidt in that this should stop and you need help more than anything. Stay in therapy, change does not happen overnight.

It takes time, it took me 12 years, 1 child, and marriage before I was datijg to leave. But once I really was done I started to change myself and never looked back. Keep reading, go to support groups and do not give up. My book, Hope Street, is my memoir on being addictt love ho an addict. Every experience is different but inherently the same. I hope my articles here and my book help to empower you, that is the sole purpose I write. Best, Hope Street, t memoir on co-addiction Robert I am very clean, I have never smoked a cigarette let alone kis else, but I grew up with an alcoholic mother and a datiing deal for a father so this situation is not entirely foreign to me. The difference now giel that this addich is someone who I daying only chose to be with, but I in fact long to be with.

She is only 21 years old and I have so much hope for her. She has been clean while at school here in Boston but soon she is returning home to Los Angeles and has been very honest and open about her fear of returning to using once she gets home. I have tried to be a support system throughout our time together, but I am deeply afraid of losing her to addiction and I am unsure of what to say or do? I have tried to let her know that no matter what I will be there as someone to talk to because even if we cannot make the relationship work I do not want her to poison and harm herself anymore.

You sound like an amazing young man who has had many challenges in life and must have been through a rough time growing up with the instability that addiction brings. I want to tell you that you can help her and that you can make her feel good enough about herself not to abuse drugs but unfortunately that is not the way this works. Addiction is stronger than anything you can imagine and it sounds like you know that firsthand growing up with an addicted parent. The only advice I can give you is to let the relationship go until such time she is really in recovery. You may be enabling the addict because if she feels she cannot be clean at home, then she may only be staying clean for you or around you and that usually does not last forever.

It is like a ticking time bomb and it is hard to trust someone or be in a relationship with someone who could use at any minute. Do you think part of the reason you may be attracted to this person might be because you understand addiction and it is familiar to you? Sometimes we recreate our relationships with our parents and try to fix them through our partners. Sometimes we choose what is familiar to us without really realizing it. I am sure she is a beautiful person but she really needs to get help and be in a place of recovery before you should move on with her. That does not mean that you cannot be there for her as a sounding board, a friend and a support.

You sound like a responsible person who has fallen for a woman who really needs you but you must really look at this and realize if this is good for you, especially for your future. I hope this helps. I would recommend reading my other articles here, there is a lot of information for you that may help you understand addiction and co-addiction. Feel free to keep posting, I will be happy to listen. My ex is from Peru and the boys live with him in his country. He filed for divorce but He never served me. I became homeless and went to live in a shelter. My boyfriend sounded like he lived a good life before His addiction took over. He grew up in a tight knit Christian family.

Two semesters away from graduating college, he took a datting with Charles Schwab as a series 3 stock broker and made a lot of money doing it. Him and his wife and withoug moved to Orlando in an expensive condo. Grt was in a wheelchair for a year and his doctor put him on Oxycotin. He took them as prescribed but He then learn what his pills were worth on the street and began doctor shopping to sell his Rxs. He got caught with some guys were the Feds were watching and got charged with 3 felonies and was sentenced to 74 months in federal prison.

This is where He got introduced to powder heroin and where he learned how to inject. His wife left him and took their daughter back to NY.

She refuses to allow vating between him and his daughter even today. When he got out he moved in with his parents, went through many programs and relapsed every time. His brother sent him to a rehab in Cali where we are now but left the program. He became homeless and went to the shelter where I was at. We first met at a park through mutual friends. He was clean aa the time. Some of the postings on the site state druh their partner hid nude photos of their former wife, either having sexual intercourse or posing nude. Keeping and hiding such pictures is guaranteed to undermine any current relationship.

In fact, I cannot think of a more skillful way to destroy a relationship than to keep nude photos, much less ordinary photos of former lovers. Perhaps the fact that some people do things like this explains why they have former relationships. It takes no great leap in thinking to surmise that poor relationship skills causes someone to go from one partner to the other. Keeping such photos is an example of poor relationship skills. I do want to leave the reader with another question: Most people think nothing of stopping after a glass or two of wine, or warming up the night with a draft beer. When they hear that a person cannot drink, that can change the entire tone of the conversation.

Writing in The Fix, a sober woman confesses that a man she started dating expressed his disappointment that they could never share a glass of wine as a couple.

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For abstinent people, this kise be especially disappointing. Their sobriety is an achievement, a successful overturning of years of alcoholic behavior. They had to sacrifice a great deal to become healthy again. The datinf decided to keep seeing her partner, but they broke rating a few weeks after that conversation. In conclusion, the woman writes that her sobriety has helped her regain control of her life and her tk, but it has made her romantic life much harder than it used to be. Sobriety is great for health, but bad for dating. In the early stages of any relationship, the people involved struggle to find the right balance that works for both of them.

For a miss where one party carries with them the specter of substance abuse, that balance can seem wildly off, especially when the people involved are still getting to know one another. Unless the topic has been broached, avoiding alcohol can be misinterpreted as a sign of only mild interest, with no intention of raising the stakes. Communication in the nascent stage of dating datin never easy, especially when both parties bring their own insecurities and doubts to the table. The Salon writer ruminates on how, when he and a potential date were not clicking, he longed for the feeling of having alcohol in his system, the freedom and the energy it provided to get through moments of awkward silence.

Even for all the trouble their drinking caused, they never had problems meeting other people. For a drinker, alcohol makes people feel more interesting, says the Salon writer. Do you have a chance of getting her back? More specifically, I am writing it for those of you whose addiction was so prevalent that it was the underlying cause of your breakup. For example, if you and your ex girlfriend constantly fought about your problems with addiction of some sort then I am willing to bet that your addiction probably factored into her decision to leave you. That is where this article comes in handy.

It is going to show you exactly what steps you need to take to not only recover her but recover your non-addicted personality. I know exactly what you are thinking. In fact, I am not afraid that I go through addictive periods just like you probably do. While I have never taken any drugs and the only time I really drink is socially I do have a problem with playing certain video games from time to time. You see, I am the type of person that hates leaving things unfinished. Nope, instead it takes days sometimes weeks to complete them and it annoys me to no end. Video games are the same way. I am thinking of you World of Warcraft. Addiction is defined as, A state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.

I remember ten years ago I got very addicted to that World of Warcraft game. It got to the point that, that was all I was doing for months. Looking back it was kind of a dumb thing to engage in so heavily. If you look at the definition given above about addiction I was definitely addicted to WOW. Despite adverse consequences- My time was always sucked up in that game. When most people think of addiction they think of the hard addictions like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Too many of those little addictions can be just as devastating to a relationship as the bigger more well known ones. Lets take a deeper look at all the types of addictions that men can have that cause women to leave them.

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This is especially so if rating current relationship is having problems and conflicts. In this case the ex partner may seem like a good alternative to the present one. In addition, any relationship can be threatened by an ex. A factor that increases the damage that is done to a couple is the fact that this activity is kept secret.

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